Livingston Symphony Orchestra­

The 2016-2017 Concert Program AD Journal

Advertise in the LSO Concert Program and you will get the best of all worlds 

Exceptional exposure to an exceptional audience…

Five Concerts…Five Programs…Five brochures per season


“A cultural gem, right here in Livingston”

                          -West Essex Tribune



       Full Page (5”x 8”) $ 320.00                Half Page (5”x 4”) $ 185.00

       Quarter Pg (5”x 2”) $ 135.00                Eighth Pg (5”x 1”) $ 100.00

       Back Cover $ 700.00             Inside Front & Back Covers $ 550.00

Camera ready Art work or business card preferred

All proceeds benefit the LSO. And to the full extent of the law – all are Tax deductible

Thanks for your support…and for helping us to bring you the World’s Finest Music

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